Summer Education Camp 2019
This time the participants of the camp were the orphans from the Kyrgyz orphanage "Meerim Bulagy", which means "Merciful Spring" in Russian. Hard to believe, but the orphanage does not receive any state funding and is therefore completely privately financed. "Meerim Bulagy" is run by a simple woman with a big heart and will - Gulnara Degenbaeva. She is the director, founder, owner and "mother" of this boarding school.
Orphanage "Meerim Bulagy"
The orphanage itself is located on the grounds of a former orthodox monastery. In the early 1990s, Gulnara Degenbaeva asked her to give her the abandoned building of the monastery, which in the past was often used as a refuge for orphans. With her own efforts and with the help of her own students, Gulnara managed to put this in order. Today, the orphanage has its own workshop, garden and greenhouse, where fresh vegetables are grown for its own supply.
Das Programm des Camps 2019
a visit to BMW and Intel gives teenagers the opportunity to learn about the innovative technologies of the big global corporations and to get to know the tools of Western companies from the inside;
Conflict management seminar, training "8 skills of highly effective young people", verbal and non-verbal communication coaching, "School for real men and the female circle", self-recognition game "Purple" - all these activities help the children to reach their potential, to understand and find out about themselves, difficult situations and interact with new people, make friends, open hearts, work as a team;
a two-day English course motivates further learning of a foreign language and extends the circle of communication;
a culinary course in cooking German, Russian and Kyrgyz national dishes and a dinner with host families will bring us even closer;
Visit of Timofeevka (East-West Peace Church), St. Job Pochaevsky Monastery, Dachau Concentration Camp Museum will broaden your horizons and raise the level of spiritual and moral values;
An excursion to the mountains (Schliersee) and a guided tour through Munich help children to get to know German culture, tradition and history better.
Our children 2019
16 years
Roman grew up without a father, he still has two brothers. His mother was an alcoholic and did not look after the children. According to Kyrgyz legislation, Roman's mother has no custody, but the orphanage "Meerim Bulagy" has its own legislation ;) Gulnara took Roman in with his brothers and his mother to support the whole family. And it was a great decision: Roman's mother was able to find work and recently even got married. However, Roman decided to stay with Gulnara in "Meerim Bulagy". Of course he has contact with his mother, his brothers and their new family.
Now Roma is in 11th grade and wants to study biology. He has chosen a very interesting profession: ornithologist. Roman wants to explore bird diseases and would like to become a veterinarian. He is very excited about his trip to Germany and is looking forward to gaining new knowledge, meeting new friends and learning more about the world.
16 years
Milanas father died and her mother found herself in a difficult life situation. Besides Milana, the family had two other children. Milana's mother had to work from morning to night and was constantly on the move. Therefore she could not devote enough time to bringing up her children. Gulnara took over the girl to help her family and the girl has been living in "Meerim Bulagi" for many years. Gulnara describes Milana as a "curious laugh". Now Milana is in 11th grade and dreams of becoming an interpreter. She says Gulnara inspired her to choose this profession. Milana always liked to listen to her stories about different places she visited abroad.
Now Milana is looking forward to her first trip to Germany to see this beautiful country with her own eyes. She says that our summer camp will be a "wonderful start" and she is very grateful to our team.
16 years
Daniiar's father died and he and his mother came to "Meerim Bulagy" because they were in a very difficult situation - they had no place to live. Daniiar's mother is a teacher, so Gulnara decided not to separate Daniiar and his mother, but helped his mother to find a job. When Gulnara first met Daniiar he was only 3 weeks old.
After the boy got sick and had big problems with his intestines the doctor insisted on an operation, but Gulnara did not allow it, she treated Daniiar with herbs and diet. Now Daniiar is healthy, he is in 11th grade and is learning a lot to go to university. He likes sports, especially wrestling, music and cooking. Daniiar says he knows a lot about cars ;-)
16 years
Saida came with her brother to the orphanage "Meerim Bulagy" when she was two years old and he four. The father of the children died then and the mother left the children alone and disappeared. Saida and her brother have now grown up in the orphanage. Her brother is now studying at the University of Television and –°inema in Samara, Russia and Saida goes to school, she is now in the eleventh grade. She would like to study foreign languages.
Saida loves cooking and helps with the household. She started cooking when she was 10 years old and she does it really well! She also loves singing and dancing and does make-up. Saida says about herself that it never gets boring with her. ūüėÄ
16 years
Aktan has lived in the orphanage "Meerim Bulagy" since his birth. He is very goal-oriented and shy at the same time. Aktan never boasts and keeps his worries and feelings deep within himself. In the future Aktan dreams of his own business. Now he studies law in collage and is also interested in economics and management. He loves cars and already knew all the car models when he was a little boy. Aktan is really looking forward to his trip to Germany because he is sure that he will gain a lot of new knowledge, learn a lot about German culture and traditions and meet many interesting people. "A person who constantly learns something is always developing," says Aktan. Maybe participating in our project will help Aktan to realise his goals and dreams, who knows ;-)
17 years
Polina has neither father nor mother. She came to "Meerim Bulagy" when she was 9 years old. A woman took over the sponsorship for Polina, but had no success, because the girl had ended up on the streets in winter. When Gulnara found out about it, she immediately picked Polina up. Since that day Polina is part of a big family. She studies at college and loves to spend her free time with children, dancing, reading, listening to music and helping others. In the future Polina dreams of becoming a teacher. Gulnara mentions that Polina is very wise despite her young age and children trust and love her very much.
15 years
Misha came to the orphanage with his little sisters when he was six years old. His parents were declared missing. Therefore, the grandmother took care of the children. After her grandmother died, the children were locked up alone in the flat. When the neighbours sensed the smell of corpses and heard the cry of the children, they immediately alerted the police. The police found the children in the flat in a very emaciated state. After these events Misha also suffered from depression. For this reason Gulnara Degenbaeva was afraid to take the children into the orphanage. Nevertheless, the older children from her orphanage persuaded her and she did not regret it. In the warm, family atmosphere of the orphanage Misha could unfold and show his good spirit. Now Misha is finishing 9th grade, is training to be a welder and trains dogs like a real dog handler.