Summer Education Camp 2018
Rarely does anyone think about how children feel and live without their parents. What future awaits them?
A team of volunteers from Germany and Russia founded an aid organisation with the aim of organising educational camps for orphans in Germany to help children start a self-determined life, integrate into society and simply experience what family life is like.
Change a life and you change the world
Our first camp took place in Munich from 26 July to 3 August 2018. 5 young people from an orphan boarding school no. 16 in the city of Omsk took part. All children have a slight delay in development.
The programme of the 2018 camp
A visit to the BMW plant gives children the opportunity to get to know the innovative technology of a large global corporation;
The opportunity to spend two days immersed in learning the English language on the basis of "basic knowledge" motivates them to continue learning and broadens their horizons;
A tour of Munich and an excursion to Neuschwanstein Castle offer an opportunity to get to know the history and culture of Bavaria;
after a cooking course children can easily cook "Borschtsch" and bake "Charlotte" ;)
A seminar on conflict management, work with a psychologist, art therapy courses, "a school for real men and the female circle" help children to open their hearts, work with their desires, get to know each other better, solve difficult situations in a team, learn to work together, increase family values;
a visit to the zoo, an excursion to Langwiedersee, football and badminton allow the proximity, the teamwork, the horizon to expand;
Conversation with Father Cornelius and visit of the orthodox monastery St. Job Pochaevsky raises the level of spiritual and moral values;
Our children 2018
Here we would like to tell you about the children who participated in our first educational camp "Children-RU". They are 17-18 years old, but despite the age according to the documents they are still children.
Julia Antoshko
"I'm Julia Antoshko and I'm 17. I'm in 11th grade at school. My favourite subject is mathematics. I like to read poetry and do beadwork. And of course sports! I have always dreamed of visiting another country because I am very curious. I would very much like to know how people live on different continents, what languages they speak, what hobbies they have, what subjects children learn at school."
Lena Avdeeva
"My name is Avdeeva Lena I am 18 years old. I am a Taurus sign. My favourite hobby is drawing. My favourite celebration is Mother's Day. I also like Easter and going to the cinema. During the stay in the orphanage we were only once in another country - Belarus. I would love to visit another country, see sculptures, castles, churches. I would like to see how another people live, what flag, language, culture, nation they have."
Lena Puhova
"My name is Lena Puchova. I am in the 11th grade. During my school time I constantly took part in football tournaments. The tournaments took place in different cities, for example in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Tumen. Unfortunately we never had enough time to visit the cities. Once we even went to Belarus. Besides sports my hobbies are fire painting and wood carving. I would like to have friends from different countries. I am interested in how people live there, what hobbies and traditions they have. I am also interested in what kind of weather they have."
Natalia Schegoleva
"My name is Natasha Schegoleva. I am 18 years old and I am in 11th grade. I still go to school, but I dream of becoming a cook. In my free time I like to go dancing or do sports. I like football, athletics and basketball. We often take part in tournaments. I would love to meet new friends."
Dima Pirogov
"My name is Dima Pirogov. I am 18 years old. I live in Omsk. I am in my last year of school. I like amateur art. My favourite hobby is computers. I also like animals, especially cats. If I am going to live alone, I will definitely get a cat. I also dream of visiting Germany. I already have friends there. These are Anja, Sascha and their son Alex. They always visit us when they are in Omsk. We love spending time together."