"I sleep and it's a fairytale!"
"When I entered Gulnara's house, I felt the warmth and that I can be happy here, without them I would be lost, the journey helped me to understand that we should strive to be successful, not afraid to go on and on to try new things."
"This trip gave me a lot of positive emotions, new acquaintances, we gained knowledge and experience, I was surprised by the cleanliness and culture of Germany, the challenge of the excursion to the mountains and the view from above, many thanks to the families for her love!"
"Through the game "Lila" I got to know myself better and Intel surprised me with new technologies. Thank you for your project!"
"People can only find yourself in adventures and get to know yourself better."
"I've always wanted to see the production of BMW cars, and I've been very impressed to see the car's creation process from start to finish, especially the number of robots working in that factory."
About us
Rarely does anyone remember how children feel without parents and how they live. What future awaits you?
A team of volunteers from Germany and Russia founded an aid organization with the aim of organizing educational camps for orphans in Germany to help children to start a self-determined life, to integrate into society and to simply experience what a family life looks like.
Our goal
Inspired by the charity project Children-UA, which has been successful for many years, we have decided to set up our own summer educational camp for orphans from Russia and the CIS.

We believe that such projects will give children from very difficult backgrounds a chance to see this world from a different perspective, to become familiar with a new culture, to acquire integration skills in society, to recognize the importance of continuing education to increase the level of spiritual and moral values, to give an impulse to personal growth, to make new friends, to believe in oneself.
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Change a life and you change the world
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